The Power of Instagram Stories for Marketers

Are you steadily getting Instagram followers with members of your target audience? That’s awesome!

As your audience grows in size you’ll be able to leverage your community to increase leads and sales for your company. You can do this by focusing on posting high quality images every day, but if you really want to ramp up results you should take a multi-touch approach.

My suggestion is to bring in new followers quickly with Instagram ads, nurture them with daily Instagram posts and stay top-of-mind with Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories is a new feature that allows people and brands to share moments throughout the day in the form of images and short video clips.

These images and clips appear together in a slideshow format creating: your story. You can draw on them, add text, tag a geolocation and so much more — and then 24 hours after they’re published they disappear.

5 Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Marketing

Right now you may be thinking, “all of that sounds great, but how will it help me sell?”

I’m so glad you asked! Let’s dive into five specific ways you can use Instagram Stories in your marketing campaigns!

1. Show tips for using your product(s).

Since Instagram stories include both photos and short video clips, you can easily show off fun, innovative ways to use your product(s). […]