A Guide to Getting Started on Using Hashtags on LinkedIn

LinkedIn wants you to start using hashtags and I think it’s about time. For platforms, like Twitter and Instagram, hashtags are an essential ingredient to the social posting recipe. Up until recently, hashtags were frowned upon when used on LinkedIn because they were a telltale sign of cross-posting content from Twitter (a big no-no). Not anymore.

Since LinkedIn is hell-bent on becoming the premier social network for professionals and the LinkedIn database has become enormous, they realized the need to better categorize, organize and filter content. Hashtags are an easy way to do just that.

Hashtags allow LinkedIn to “listen” to topics that matter most to their users, and in turn, create a better user experience for members.

LinkedIn has become one of the most prized search engines and it plays nicely with Google’s search algorithms. When you Google search a topic, you will notice that content from LinkedIn will appear near the top of your search results. In other words, improving SEO on LinkedIn will, in turn, improve your search results on Google.

What exactly are hashtags?[…]