Welcome to Upstate Exposures Magazine Advertising. We provide businesses with digital marketing solutions to increase their social media presence and company exposure to the Upstate of South Carolina.


Upstate Exposures Magazine is a 100% digital magazine based in the Upstate of South Carolina.  We do thinks a little differently by offering a complete advertising package to reach the maximum number of people.  Our pricing structure is simple and affordable. We partner with companies in the Upstate to build their online presence and grow their client base.


For Marketers

5 Strategies for Getting Press for Your Small Business

Small business owners have a lot on their plate. Oftentimes they’re doing it all — ordering inventory, responding to customers, managing employees. Marketing their company is the last thing on their mind. And with a smaller budget than large corporations, hiring a PR firm to do the legwork isn’t always feasible. But that doesn’t mean …

Why Building Your Business’s Brand Through Graphic Design Is A Good Idea

The building of your business’s brand should be atop of your priority list each and every day. Without a brand, your business won’t draw custom. And when your business can’t draw custom, it can’t make any profits. And when it can’t make any profits, it can’t pay any of the outgoings that are necessary for …

Why You Need To Advertise On Instagram And Brands That Are Doing It Right

It is said that a picture says a thousand words. On Instagram, a picture speaks to millions. Instagram is a purely visual social platform and the platform’s popularity has soared in the past couple of years. It has over 700 million monthly users and out of all the social sites, Instagram’s audience is the most …


Upstate Exposures Magazine is owned and operated by people in the Upstate. Our goal is to provide Upstate companies with a marketing system that can reach the people of the Upstate. As a valued sponsor, you will be partnered with one of the publications and advertising entities in the area. When you are ready, fill out the form below to get all the information you will need to be an Upstate Exposures Magazine sponsor.